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Dr. Chitravanshi Publications  
Vineet C. Chitravanshi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Dr. Chitravanshi is one of NINJ’s most productive researchers. His scientific experience includes over 25-years in which he has studied a wide array of topics such as central control of cardiovascular and respiratory functions, identification of neurotransmitters in different cardiovascular and respiratory reflex mechanisms (e.g., baroreceptor; chemoreceptor; and cardiopulmonary reflexes), spinal control of cardiovascular and respiratory functions and neural mechanisms in hypertension using multi-disciplinary approach (microinjection, neuronal recordings, pressure microinjection on to single neurons, microiontophoresis and immunohistochemistry). He has experience in independently designing and coordinating scientific studies, protocol development, data exploration, statistical analysis, preparation of papers for publication in scientific journals and presentation for general audiences.

His insightful work has received funding from organizations including NIH and honors from the Indian Council of Medical Research. Dr. Chitravanshi has published over 50 scientific papers and abstracts and sits on the Editoorial Board of Neural Regeneration Research, Shenyang.

Dr. Chitravanshi received his MS (University of Lucknow) and Ph.D. (University of Meerut) degrees in India in 1981 and 1986, respectively. He was awarded a Fellowship by the Indian Council of Medical Research, from 1982-1990. After completing his initial postdoctoral training in the Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow, India, in 1990, he joined Dr. Calaresu's laboratory at the University of Western Ontario, Canada for further research training.