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Tim Reynolds Spine Research Center
Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory

The mission of the Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory is: a) to perform cutting-edge research in order to develop novel therapies that treat chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) by combining multidisciplinary basic, translational and clinical research and to translate the findings into clinical interventions that improve motor, sensory, and autonomic functions while minimizing spasticity and neuropathic pain; b) to train innovative, enthusiastic, and passionate future scientists and clinician-scientists who will bring creative new perspectives into the field and to encourage young investigators from different relevant scientific backgrounds to engage in high-impact SCI research; c) to increase the dialogue and collaboration between scientists, clinician-scientists, clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry in order to expedite the development, approval, and implementation of new therapies; d) to bring public awareness to the challenges presented by SCI and its treatment and to increase advocacy for individuals with SCI and their families through the advancement of SCI research; and e) to deliver all of our research into the public domain.

The Reynolds Family Spine Laboratory is dedicated to basic science laboratory research for the improvement of outcomes following spinal cord injury. UMDNJ-New Jersey Medical School and University Hosptial are members of the Northern New Jersey Spinal Cord Injury System (NNJSCIS) – the only federally designated spinal cord injury system in New Jersey, and one of only 18 such centers in the nation.

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Robert Heary, MD


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Stela Elkabes, PhD



Ayomi Ratnayake, MS


Brian David, PhD